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here’s a link banner you can use to link to my site:

who are you?/who is helaene?
i’m 26 years old and i live in boston, ma with my boyfriend of 7 years. i work as a web designer.

Recoloring/Altering of Textures or Alphas:
You MAY NOT recolor or otherwise alter textures or alphas of my creation for redistribution unless you have written permission from me (helaene@gmail.com). Obviously you can make whatever recolors you like for your own personal use.

You may redistribute any Helaene meshes, past or present, with your recolors. Just please give me credit for the mesh, and post a link to my site whether the mesh is still available there or not.

Please feel free to include these items in your Full Sim uploads at any site. Credit should be given to me (Helaene, https://helaene.wordpress.com).

Please feel free to use any of my work in your screenshots…credit is unnecessary but always appreciated.

Full Sims:
Please do not use my full sims in any contests without contacting me (helaene@gmail.com).


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