December 18, 2010

Forgive me, I’m so tired of trolls… I just can’t do this anymore.

I remember when this community was all about teaching each other, and everyone was grateful and courteous.  I don’t ask that everyone love everything I create – just that they don’t post offensive, insensitive comments if that’s the case.

All of my sims 3 files from this site can be downloaded in one huge .zip for those who still care.  Feel free to distribute them at graveyard sites, etc.

– Helaene




  1. I hate to see you go. Ihaven’t played Sims for a long while do to me making images and tags. I just started back and I’ve always loved your work. Hope everything turns out for the better. Will miss you dearly.

    Mousie Jean

    • Sorry to see you go but I do understand how you feel. However, there are many of us out here who will miss you. Enjoy your Christmas time with family and please reconsider after the new year. Afterall…….there will always be trolls.

    • Sorry to see you go. I always thought you were one of the most creative and talented Sims designers/creators out there. I wish you good luck in anything you persue in the future.

    • We at Saving the Sims would kike to host your files in Yahoo groups, if you have no objection. Ginnie

  2. Please consider going back to a standard website format instead of a blog format. So many of us love your great contributions to our Sims games, Helaene.

    Happy Holidays,
    aka Mellisenda

    • I second that.

      The trolls wanted exactly this: you leave.
      Don’t give a damn about irrelevant comments and such.

      I believe non-blog site would serve better.

  3. I’m sorry people were rude. You some very beautiful things.

    Hope you have a merry christams.

  4. Helaene, you are one of the best at creating custom content for The Sims. I don’t know what happened to make you leave this format, but please don’t stop creating!

  5. Helaene, I’m very sorry and disappointed that this happened to you! Please know that for every troll out there, you have 100 times for fans (it’s just that the haters are more vocal about it). You are one of the very best creators for Sims and I’ve been downloading your stuff for years (Sims 2 and Sims 3)– you’re incredibly talented and I’m a huge fan. I could not play Sims without custom content like yours. I hope you will continue to create for us and post your stuff on another website or at the Exchange. Lots of love to you.

  6. I’m not exactly sure what happened. But I think I might understand your feelings. I always love your creations. Thank you for everything.
    We’ll really miss you, Helaene.

  7. So sorry to see you go! Don’t let the trolls get you down: you make some of the most gorgeous content on the Internet. I’ll miss you. <3 Happy holidays!

  8. hello Helaene!
    I’m very sorry to see you go.I love your creations, I’ve been downloading your stuff for years to use it qith my sims 2 and sims 3 and I have to tell you that without your stuff this game wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you for everything.
    Merry Christmas.

  9. Szkoda, że się nie załapie już na twoje świetne rzeczy, lubiłam wszystko co stworzyłaś. Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  10. Dear Halaene,

    I’m soooo sorry about what happened. True artists are never appreciated except postumously and always seemed to get crapped on. Remember, your fans are still out here in cyberspace and appreciate all you have done :)
    Be blessed.

  11. Trolls?! Want me to beat them up for you? Argh! Unappreciative people who have nothing better to do than bring people down, they’re just jealous they’re not as great as you!
    :( I’m so sorry to see you go, I love your creations and they’re always so wonderfully made with so much thought and work put into them. I hope you’ll consider coming back, we’ll miss you *hugs*

  12. Oh! and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! :)

  13. I’m so sorry to see you go. You’re an amazing creator, and it’s a true shame that some people chose to be cruel instead of appreciating you. The Internet can be such an ugly place at times.

  14. Wow. I’m really sorry to see you go, Helaene. I’ve been using your CC since the early days of TS2 and I wish I had discovered your TS3 site sooner. You will be dearly missed.

  15. We will miss you and all your great work. Peace and love. The over the hill gang 55+

  16. Oh no oh no oh no! I can’t believe this! Please come back? You should change to a better site where you can prevent anonymous comments. Don’t let the trolls win! There are more people that love your stuff!

    I hope you’ll change your mind. Either way, have a happy holidays!

  17. Honey,

    I have loved your content since I started with the Sims many years ago. You are a treasure to the Sims community and you should not have to give up on what you love. Make a statement to those out there that are not understanding of our longstanding community. I will truly miss your very talented work and so will thousands of other Sims fans. Good luckk to you and Merry Christmas!!

  18. I’am a Brazilian woman, so sorry my poor english… But i’m very sad just like everyone here becouse i realy love your creations and hate that trolls!

    Hope you have a merry christams.
    Thank you for all!

    Hugs from Brazil…

  19. Like those above me I’ve been a fan of your work since TS2 days, it’s easier said than done but don’t let the nasty comments get to you.

    Someone once said this to me (or something along these lines) 95% of people will say nothing about your work at all, 4% of people will say something nice and 1% will criticise, but which group do we listen to and remember?

    I can’t believe that the community is coming to this kind of behaviour, and I’m really sorry to see you go. I’d love it if you change your mind, but won’t blame you if you don’t. Have a wonderful holiday and I wish you all the best for the future. Thanks for all the wonderful CC. <3 <3

  20. I just want to say I had to call my husband over and explain to him how shocked I was when I saw this. I told him how I always downloaded your items because you were one of the most amazing creators around. I’m so sorry there are so many ungrateful people out there who can’t appreciate the high quality downloads you provided. You are an amazing artist and I’m very sorry to see your post. Thank you for everything you have provided to the community . Just know there are so many people out here who genuinely appreciate your contributions to the Sims series.

  21. aww…I’ve always loved your creations…even back in ts2. Its so sad that the simming community just lost one of its talented creators due to the nastiness of others.

  22. Helenae, Could Saving the Sims help by placing your creations at one of our groups? You remain the owner of the files, of course, and have full control over how they are handled. we upload them and maintain the group. Let me know if you would be agreeable.

  23. Oh my..Helaene ! It hit me right into the heart to read these lines.After all those years with your fine creations and sharing it with us.How ignorant must a person be not showing respect to a creator…I really appreciate your work and it will stay forever in our DLfolders for sims2 and sims3.All the best for the future and maybe we will meet you again.LG from germany Patty

  24. Ohhh this is bad news. I can understand how you feel thou i think every creator have come across trolls one time or another. And been hurt by it. I know i have and my first reaction was i quit with the whole Sims charade. Where have the nice people gone too. So much nastyness around and dissatisfaction, even when the downloads are free and great quality there is something to comment about instead of saying thanks. I was so sick of it that at that moment i really wanted to give it up. But than i realised i like creating, very very very much and i didn’t want to give that up. I would be crazy to stop doing what i like doing so i protected myself and the other staffmembers of our site against trolls by not having any options to comment any ugly and nasty things.

    As you can see there are a lot of people that care and have very kind and heartwarming things to say. We can not allow the trolls controling the Sims community and prevent us from what we like to do.

    You are a wonderfull creator that makes gorgeous, original and great quality things for The Sims that are enjoyed by lots and lots of people, don’t let anybody take that away from you!!

    It became a longer post than planned, but i really hope you choose to protect yourself against trolls and continue making your wonderfull content that makes the game a lot more fun.

    Lots of love, Jolanda aka The Sorceress
    Wishing you good health and happiness for 2011 … and lots of creating fun ;)

  25. It’s sad to see that you’re leaving, I have always liked your stuff. Thank you for all the cc you made for us, for taking your time to upload it and share it <3

  26. :( Trolls always ruin it for everyone. I want to become a sim creator, any tips? Thanks for contributing to the sim community.

  27. No no no! You’ve got to be one of the best, if not the best creator! Is there any way you’d stay? :) Please rethink your decision to leave, so many would miss you, way more than those who were leaving mean comments.

  28. I am so sorry to see you go. I have found your work to be extraordinary throughout the sims game developments. I can’t understand how anyone could be negative about your work. I hope you would reconsider but I do understand. People can never appreciate what is right in front of them and they have to put down those that can because they can’t. Take care. I hope your holidays were at least great.

  29. Hello, Helaene
    I’m so sorry to see you go! I love your creations since I started playing The Sims many years ago. We’ll miss you!

  30. It is a horrible shame that those who (most often) cannot create and do not contribute bully those who attempt to enrich this game. Helaene – you have my heart felt sympathy and hopes that someday you’ll consider coming back.

  31. I will miss you and your work, like so many who have posted here. You have been one of my favorite creators since Sims 2, which seems like such a long time! Alas that the trolls are more vocal than your devoted supporters. I wish to stomp on all of them! *stomp* *stomp* Stupid trolls!

    If you can see your way back to us, I know we would be grateful. However, like others who have posted, I understand if you cannot, and wish you only the best!

    Happy New Year, Helaene!

  32. ignore them they WANTED you off the internet. dont give them the satisfaction. you made amazing things

  33. I wish you would reconsider I love your stuff

  34. Sad to see you go. Been a fan of your beautiful work since the beginning. Best wishes and good luck.

  35. What a shame.. I too have been a fan of your work since TS2. I hope that some day you will reconsider and come back to share your beautiful creations with us. There will always be trolls I’m afraid, and we must not give them the power by actually listening to, and taking seriously, the nonsense they spew. They’re just ungrateful asses with nothing better to do.

  36. Sorry to see you go. I really appreciated all that you created. You sort of became a brand name for the sims. Stupid trolls!!!

  37. Helaene, I’m so sorry you have been hurt by the hateful trolls who try to take over every sims site. They are few but mighty in their negative impact. Thank you for so many years of the most exquisite sims content. Your cc was the first I downloaded and your artisty has never failed to amaze me. Please try to remember that there are so many of us who hold you in very high regard and respect. Keep those feelings in your heart, not the hurtful comments made by weak and sick people.

  38. I’m so sad to hear that you have been forced to do this by rude and ungrateful people. I want to thank you for all of the items that you have created over the years – I have many in my game and will continue to treasure them.

  39. nooooo! I’ve been downloading your stuff for FOREVER!!! You were my favorite creator! So realistic and beautiful and such a sweet person. :( Noo!
    Damned trolls. -_-

  40. Nooo :( You are my favorite creator. I’m sorry this happened.

  41. I have noticed lately that the trolling on any site that allows Anon comments has gotten ridiculous. Even sites that you have to join or have a user name are still being bombarded with excessively snarky comments. I can’t figure out why. Being a new creator, this makes me very nervous especially when amazing creators like you are subject to unfounded assholery. I just want to say thanks for everything you’ve given to this community, and I’m sure if you ever got bored and wanted to make the occasional creation, you’d be welcomed back with open arms. Good luck, doll :)

  42. WHYYYY!!!??? you were the best!!! I loved your site. People talking bad about you will always be there even when you run! just ignore them you know better than that!

    So if you ever consider to return I’ll welcome you back too with open arms!


  43. I don’t blame you in the least. It seems there is a new brood of ungrateful little brats who treat others with disrespect and act like piss-heads on the forums. Keep in mind, it’s probably just to make themselves feel better about the excessive bullying and ridicule they endure in school.

    You’re a terrific creator and I really appreciate what you have done for the sims community. Just wish we all could have told you sooner.

  44. Sad to see yet another good creator leave… You’ve done a hell of a lot and the trolls have nothing of value to contribute to anyone.. which is probably why they do it in the first place. You will be missed.

  45. It makes me sad to see you go.

    Your makeup (eyebrows, lipsticks, freckles etc.) for the Sims 2 and 3 is the best one can have in the Sims World.

    I wish you all the best.

  46. … I understand You …

    You are so creative and talented! ~ Thanks for the sharing!

    All The Best!

  47. Me entristece profundamente leer tus palabras, y créeme que te entiendo perfectamente. Descansa, y si te encuentras con fuerzas vuelve, aun queda gente agradecida y con ganas de aprender.
    Tienes todo mi apoyo, se que no te conozco personalmente, pero si te entiendo por lo que estas pasando.
    Gracias por todo, y si quieres volver aqui te esteremos esperando. Un beso

  48. so so so sad to see you go, i’ve been using/loving/admiring your creations since i started sims2 many many years ago.
    hopefully you’ll move on to bigger and better things and express your talent in a different way.
    but dont stop creating, because you really are talented.

    – Lu

  49. whyyyyy :(

  50. Been downloading since The Sims 1. Always loved your work. You are truly one of the best. Thank you for sharing with us, you will be quite missed.

  51. This is very sad news. I’ve been downloading your custom content for years. You had the best page. You will be greatly missed by all your fans. You made siming what it is with your pure talent. Please reconsider to rid the trolls of victory by putting up a non-blog site?
    It won’t be the same without you.

  52. hi, don’t know U, but seems to be very sad, thanks for what U did for others

  53. dont feel badd honey, people are just jerks. just disable comments and problem solved

  54. WOW, I am so so sorry to see another talented designer get pushed away due to the Stupidity of others!! What is sad, is the normally the people who cannot walk and chew bubblegum that are always making things difficult. You had/have a great gift, and we hope one day you will comeback, until then you will be greatly missed Hun. Keep your head high and Thank you so much for all your great work and gifts. God Bless. =-)

  55. Awww Sweetie, PLEASE don’t let those whom are inconsiderate and ugly rude steal you from the people who LOVE YOU!!! For every 1 BUTTHEAD out there you have 100 NON-BUTTHEADS that love and support you… I am a Russian Impressionist Artist… I work with oils and masonite board, as well as, teach art to students from 10yrs. to 100yrs. and I have been torn to shreds on many occations but I couldn’t quit… I refused to let them win… Please come back my friend… You are a very admired and appreciated Artist in the Sims world… I do understand how hurtful some people can be but don’t let the “TROLLS” win… I pray that you will reconsider, come back, create, and forget about them… WE LOVE YOU and it’s your fans who count!!! Many Blessings to you… ~*Cami*~

  56. I am new on downloading for Sims games and I do not know your work, but I downloaded the huge zip file you so kindly provided. I am quite sure that I will like your work. I am so unpleasantly surprised that mean people would take time to actually make you leave us. I am not blaming you I am just disappointed that such low life are present in this Sims lover community. Until now I was convinced that the shearing idea is created and perfected by this wonderful game. I am really sad that they were capable of such unethical behavior. Thank you for your talent and for sharing it with us humble users.The game it will continue to be played, beautiful things will continue to be created, but I will never forget you. I wish you all the best in life.Alets

  57. This is crazy. If not for you and the others from the Sims 2 CC community, Sims 3 would not be playable. I’m sorry. I truly am.

  58. Helaene, I’ve loved your CC since you started creating. It made me very sad when I first saw this, but I hope you feel better now by getting away from that negativity. All the best for whatever you choose to do, Roonya.xx

  59. Their just jealous of your gift to create like you do…
    Have a strong drink and make faces to the trolls and think for yourself.
    I agree, your giving them exactly what they want…
    Chin up girl and let them be jealous…Don’t you know you got more fans than they could ever want…?
    Don’t let people get to you and teach others you talents…
    There are few people who do what you do…
    You could make a lot of money with these skills.
    And if you still not with me…
    See how long your here with simmies and other players and creators…
    It’s up to you, but don’t let others tell you how to live your life…
    Big Hug, Sandra

  60. Ah…so unfortunate. Hater Gonna Hate, you know?

  61. Halaene,
    I just started playing Sims again and I remembered your wonderful creations back when I was playing sims2. Thanks for your talented work, you’ve made myself and my sims very happy :D
    All the best and I keep my fingers crossed that you reconsider sharing more of your creations.

  62. I haven’t read every comment on here, but I did see quite a few that say you’re giving the trolls what they want.
    That’s true- by giving up you’re letting them “win”. I read a comment elsewhere that it was comments on another blog that were really bothering you. If that’s true- the anons at that site are a problem. There are a lot of creators who don’t want their creations posted there anymore because of it. Ignore them. They’re not worth worrying about.

  63. Dear Helaene

    I’m very sorry that people didn’t appreciate your fantastic work. They are the type to try to ignore. All of your fans appreciate you and you are noted as one of the most talented creator of the sims content. I’ll miss your beautiful creations! Take Care! Foxshasta

  64. I’m so sorry but I understand your reasons. I’ll always be great full for the beautiful things you’ve made over the years. Yes..the simming community has changed abit, but at its heart I believe are real people who are indeed polite and will miss your creations greatly. Best of luck for your future endeavors whatever they may be and peace to you always.

  65. You will be remembered fondly Helaene as the best. <3

  66. So sorry to see you go. You were one of the first custom content creators I found. I hope everything works out for the best…don’t give the trolls the control or energy!

  67. Awww, I LOVED your stuff. :( What a shame you were forced to do this. People have absolutely no manners or compassion anymore.

    Please, have a wonderful life, and may all your wishes come true.

  68. I’m so sorry to see you go cause of such mean people, you were my favorite custom content creater.
    Hope you come back one day.
    Good wishes.

  69. I just re-installed TS2 and was setting up my game. The only place I ever came to for brows and makeup was your site. I’m so sad to see you exited the community. Take care.


  70. Well, this is disappointing..
    Don’t let the haters get you, they are only low-lifes who hide behind their screen and troll troll troll, they might even be too scared to say it to your face.

    ..All though they were successful of getting rid of you, this is advice for the future.

  71. Ignore all the haters and ban them dont leave us simmers =(

  72. Please don’t let those trolls convince you think that everyone is rude :( Many people love your work…I LOVE your work. You seriously are titled one of the best sim designers/content creators.. I hope that you come back one day.

  73. I’m so sad… I just started playing sims 3 and I happened to stumble upon this blog while looking for CCs… I hate trolls. They don’t know anything but to be envious and be mean to people instead of doing something that will contribute to the community… T__T

    I love your works Ms Helaene… I think you’re one of the best.



  75. Helene,

    Thank you so much for some of the best downloads ever. You will be missed =(

    <3 Irolag

  76. Aww.. I loved your custom content. I’m sorry about the trolls on your site. Maybe we can make a comment filter and block out offensive words.

    Anyways you were one of the greatest custom content creators.

    Thanks for all you’ve done :)

  77. <3 Sad to see you go. You're amazing. I hope things are better now.

  78. I remember when I first started playing and I came across your site and was blown away by the quality of your work. I don’t see how anyone could say anything about your work, they must have been extremely jealous of your talent because there is no way that the quality of your work is at fault. Unfortunately I have a brother who gets joy out of putting other people down. I’ve learned to not let it faze me. The problem with people like that is that they are so unsatisfied with themselves they feel it necessary to put others down. I’m so sorry that is the reason you left but I can definitely understand not wanting to put up with that anymore. Keep your head held high, know that your creations were lovely, and there are tons of us who will always remember how wonderful your works are and sincerely wish you back.

  79. I only just spotted this as I was update my site links, but wanted to leave a few words anyway.
    Helaene, you’ve had a special place in the hearts of the Sims community. I was sad to read your message although, having been a Sims creator for 8 years myself and been subjected to a LOT of crap, I understand entirely how you feel. Even just one awful comment will always have more impact than a 100 nice ones, it’s just human nature. I know it’s a cliche, but I do believe also the community has changed over the years and it is not the place it once was.
    Nevertheless I hope after time you consider coming back for the people who do care and appreciate you.

  80. Does anybody have images of what’s in the mega file linked here?

  81. Thanks. Your creations were and still are one of the best out there.

  82. I am sorry to see u go u are my favorite for the sims!!!! U will be missed by many!!! A few bad ones always ruin it for the rest of us!!

  83. You are an amazing creator and beautiful being…why in the world would you give your power away to some complete stranger who is still asleep in his/her body and knows nothing about anything….Stand up and take back your power and be who you are!

    Lots of Love, Nitefire

  84. Big Thank you for all ! It’s so nice to keep a working download of your wonderfull stuff ! Take care.

  85. What you create is absolutely stunning. You are right, people should keep negative comments to themselves. Other comments I’ve read here are so positive. I don’t know much about other “Sims ” websites but if you could, would you be willing to add your wonderful creations on a multi-creator site? I am sure someone would be delighted to have your creations & ideas join theirs! If it were me, I would definitely like to hear how nice my creations are but not if I don’t enjoy what I am making. I would have no reason doing it any longer no matter if the comments were good or bad. I do hope you reconsider but only if you really do still enjoy making things. Good luck in whichever decision you make.

  86. Dear Helaene…
    Let people talk, there’s nothing you can do well, to please them, and if you do, they find something else to complain about…
    Don’t let them get to you and love life like you want…
    I to miss your creations and why don’t you start a forum for members only, i would be the first to subscribe…
    That way you can be selective and accept people who are worthy to be on your forum…
    It’s just a idea…we want you and your creations back…
    I’ll even help, if you want me to and email with you so you can talk to me…Girl, straighten you back, chin up and be strong…
    Love Sandra…

  87. Helaene, you will be truely missed. I have loved so much of your work, you will truely be one great creator that will be surely missed. I only wish that I had the creative skills that you do in creating.

  88. I just read that you left the sims community and that is sad. I had been away from the community for a while and when i return, I find that you are gone. I am so sorry, You will be missed.

  89. This is so sad. I haven’t seen you coming back but I wish you all the luck in the world.

  90. Sorry to see you go, I realize i am late, but I myself stop playing for a long while and only did so when asked to do a project. Your right things have changed, but I am noticing it everywhere. People like you are very much missed, but I realize you must move on and surround yourself with people who care. Best of luck and thanks for your work.

  91. I am still playing sims 2 and i am thankful for your contribution,
    sorry that stupid have convinced you to exit .

    thanks for all and so long

  92. So sorry to hear about your trouble with trolls. I hope that one day you’ll consider coming back to the community, as you will be dearly missed. Good luck with everything.

  93. I’m just now starting to use your stuff and it amazing but yeah I’m also sad to see you go you should change websites or something but yeah take care and don’t let it get to you

  94. I’m shocked. I reinstalled the Sims after a long break and was excited to see what new content you had for the Sims 3. It’s a bummer it’s been a year since you posted this. I missed a lot :/ Hopefully you come back to all of us who praise your beautiful work.

  95. I really have to say, your work really motivated me into playing sims series, I really don;t know how to put my emotion into words now, but I am really sorry that your works ended this way. You’ve been doing this for some yrs now, it’s just upsetting to not see you doing what you do best…

  96. With all the wonderful, kind and extremely kind comments left for you, you must see how much people totally adore your creations. These words against a trolls words…these words beat those million to one! :) You are greatly loved and appreciated in the sims community. I’ve been a simmer since 1 and decided almost 2 years ago to form my own forum. I felt ts3 forum was just unbearable and wanted a change. I couldn’t find a place that I felt ‘at home’ at so I decided to make a place not only for myself but for others to feel at home in.
    I more than humbly offer ‘my home’ to you if you’d like to join us and continue your creations. It’s not a pay site, totally free and moderated. Guest can NOT leave comments and our members are just as protective as our staff. I’m sure you’d feel more than welcomed and extremely respected. Please consider.
    My forum is: Cstyles and you can reach it here: http://www.cstylessims3forum.com
    I am Cecesaun1 or Cece and I am the administrator of the forum and owner.

    Maybe after the holidays you will consider this as an option.

    Hope you New Year brings you much happiness!<3

  97. I know it’s to late now but I have been downloading your stuff for a long time and I love them.

  98. I am so sad that you feel you have to leave, I have loved all your creations since the sims 2. thank you for all the stuff you have made to make my sims look better.

  99. That is sad. I have always thought you made the most beautiful stuff. Best of luck to you and thank you for the years of added enjoyment you have given to my game!

  100. Helaene,

    I’m pretty sure there is more people out there, than trolls, that actually care about you and your creations. You shouldn’t let negative comments bring you down. That’s what they wanted. Think about the amount of people that do care.

    Please, keep going with the creativity and ignore the negative people. Cause you know now, that there is people out there, who care about you. Right now, you are pleasing the wrong people right now, which are the trolls.

    Please come back! <3

  101. Just started playing the sims again and you were the first I looked up. So sad that you left. Your items were some of the best custom items I’ve seen in the sims community. Don’t let the trolls win. There are so many people who would love to see you come back!

  102. Ohh Helaene I am so sorry to see you go.
    I still have so many of your wonderful make up textures that I treasure. You will be missed.

  103. Very sorry to se you go ,
    Take care

  104. It’s difficult to read this, mostly because even though I read your name, I couldn’t comprehend that it was you, Helaene. I am so very sorry for the flames you’ve been dealing with up until now. I really am, though I’ve been out of the community for a long while, I’m still an avid simmer (TS2). So even if I don’t know the specifics, it is unforgivable that anyone would put you through this.
    But I understand. Even in your departure, you are still as wonderful as you were when creating- all the way back to the beginning. I’ve seen people go before, and leave nothing of their content for the ones left behind. So I really cannot thank you enough for leaving at least one source of your creations. So, thank you- for everything.

    I want you to know though, that people are wrong. I’ve read the comments and people are wrong to say that the trolls win in all of this. Because you are truly talented, no one can ‘win’ in you leaving. Least of all them. The only one who can benefit from this is you, and I honestly hope you do. Because you have something special, and I hope that now you’ll be able to focus it onto something that will receive the praise you deserve. I couldn’t believe it was you because you’ve been a part of this community since the beginning, there comes a time where everyone must leave, and if it’s your time, nobody can blame you for moving ahead.
    Thank you.

  105. I know you left awhile ago, but I used your stuff before I went on a Sims hiatus. Sorry to see you go, and take care!


  106. I am so sorry to learn you are being bothered by Trolls. I know what it feels like to be constantly hounded and insulted by jerks like those who’ve been bothering you. I was the victim of a band of stalkers back in 2002, and they followed me from site to site, and from forum to forum, attacking me and spreading lies. The worst part about it was, they had me mixed up with someone else! They had a beef with another woman, and somehow got the idea that I was one of her sockpuppets. I put up with it for nearly a year, then went off the internet for two years. Later, when I discovered how these people had made this mistake, and why, I brought it to their attention. Did they ever apologize? Hell no! One or two of them will still try to bait me into an argument every now and then, but I just won’t go there! I’ve always loved your designs. You are a superior artist, and I really hate to lose you. Have you considered using Webs.com, or DevHub.com? Both are excellent free sites that offer great site building tools and multiple web pages. I have pages with both of them, and have never been bothered by anyone. You can also restrict who can contact you, by not adding a contact page or a Guest Book. Try setting up a separate site for comments and only allow members to post. That way you won’t have to deal with these morons who have been insulting you. A person has to have a very thick skin to spend a lot of time on the Internet. I’ve been on line since 1998, and I think I’ve met every kind of screwball there is! You just shouldn’t let them bother you. YOU know you’re a great artist, and REAL Sims fans also know. Those others, are no-talent idiots who get their kicks from Trolling. It makes them feel cool. You’ve just got to ignore them.

  107. It’s what the trolls want, the want to get a rise out of you..Don’t let them win, and come back!!

  108. it’s 2012 and I still think you are the best of best. Sad to find out that you have stopped making stuff because some people can’t keep there mouth shut when needed.

  109. Your work is outstanding and it is unfortunate that there are individuals who have nothing better to do than to cause problems for those who bring happiness to others. Simmers like myself that admire and respect your work will miss you. The loss of your talent leaves a great impact in the Sim community. My best wishes to you.

  110. noooooooooooooooooooooooooo i love you dooont go!

  111. I Just found this site! Whyyyy? :( I hope you someday decide to come back. :(

  112. I’m really sorry about the trolls! I love your work; thank you for keeping it available.

  113. I’ve just discovered your CC right now, and I have to say that they are so amazing! Please, don’t let the trolls get to you; you have so many more fans than however many trolls/haters you have. You’re also giving them exactly what they want by leaving :/ I hope you decide to come back please!!

  114. dont worry dear. come back when you miss Sims. it’s always there with us.

  115. I’m sorry there’s so many jerks out there in the world. But I just want to let you know I still love your stuff and you’re work will forever be missed!!! :)

  116. So sorry to hear that you are no longer creating! If you ever decide to go friends only or something on LJ, please look me up! I don’t do sims as often as I’d like, but it’s always sad when a nice person and a brilliant creator stops because of some punk a$$ idiots. Take care, and be well. :)

  117. Sorry to see you go. Thanks for not pulling your files. Very mature of you. I hope to see you around.

  118. im not ever gonna get that thug life tattoo you made…
    this will bother me til sims 4 :'(

  119. Heleane, your talent is truly missed. I was saddened the day I read your message that you were no longer creating custom content and the reason why. I’ve been checking back over the last couple years, fingers crossed that you will have changed your mind.

    I first came across your Sims 2 content and fell in love. I remember always panicking when you changed site hosts–trying to track you down–and every time I found where your site had moved to, you always had wonderful new content that made the search worthwhile. :) Hands down, you are one of the best custom content creators I have come across to date.

    I hope that you have found something else that allows you to make use of your talents and that you still periodically check this page to see the wonderful comments people have left for you.

  120. Heleane, your talent is truly missed. I was saddened the day I read your message that you were no longer creating custom content and the reason why. I’ve been checking back over the last couple years, fingers crossed that you will have changed your mind.

    I first came across your Sims 2 content and fell in love. I remember always panicking when you changed site hosts–trying to track you down–and every time I found where your site had moved to, you always had wonderful new content that made the search worthwhile. :) Hands down, you are one of the best custom content creators I have come across to date.

    I hope that you have found something else that allows you to make use of your talents and that you still periodically check this page to see the wonderful comments people have left for you.

    All my best for you!

  121. Sorry you gone, I downloaded your huge zip and wanna say thanks.

    As to teh not go blog format I disagree With the right set up, plugins it could have prevented the troll(ops).

    And I recall teh sims CC community being friendly back in teh day now its more drama than its actually worth.

  122. :( I loved your stuff! I was searching for days! Those trolls ruined everything. They wanted you gone and you gave in!

    Well, I hope all is well. You are missed ……….. <3


  124. For what “trolls” do is….Pick on best Websites on earth just because they want to however.

    *They don’t had nothing do in life.

    *They don’t have….such “Talent”

    *They PROBABLY can’t afford Sims 3.

    *They full of Shiz and live in their mother’s basement.

    don’t back-down for what they do. They nothing and your not. Your awesome I wish I can see your website

    Please comeback :'(

  125. I did a clean install of the sims 3 on my boyfriends computer last night, and while searching for CC came across your website again. I’m now in the process of downloading the content you have left.

    I used to check back here all the time to see what was new. I’d say you were probably #1 on my list of favourite creators. Mainly because I knew that whatever you made would be of high quality. No picking through crappy/tasteless stuff. Yours was all good.

    I might be wrong, but you seem like the kind of person who won’t upload anything unless you’re 100% happy with it. I can appreciate that.

    Happy new year Helaene!

  126. It is 2013 and the community still misses you. Please come back.

  127. I’d say the trolls need to get a life, and learn to leave people alone. They should put on their clothes, and leave their parents’ basement once in a while. Maybe they’ll learn to appreciate things a little more when they’re confronted with real life.

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